Model Railroad Accessories-Track cleaning cars in all scales including HO, N, O & On30, Z, S and G, plus N scale DCC frames

How the Track Star Works

A free rolling roller is set an angle to the track. The roller scrubs the rail heads clean when the train is moving. It’s like the tires on your automobile when the front end is out of alignment. As the car goes forward the wheels try to go to the side. That is how the Track Star works—simple but effective.

Advantages of Aztec Track Cleaning Cars

Our track cleaner mechanisms are housed in actual train car bodies so they're "stealth". You can run them in your train at all times and they're hardly noticeable on your layout.

Because they are in a car body there is no risk of hitting scenery adjacent to your track.

Track Stars can be operated in either direction with the same results.

HOn3 Scale Track Star Kit

Wood refrigerator car — Temporarily Out of Stock

Part Number TS1158

$99.95 each

(Specify “Cratex” or “canvas” when ordering)


A hard black anodized aluminum chassis holds one Cratex® roller and a magnet.

The Cratex roller is made of a rubberized abrasive material which scrubs the dirt off.

The magnet picks up stray track spikes, coupler trip pins, nuts, bolts, springs and other magnetic items that are not wanted on your layout.

In a Micro-Trains® 30 foot wood refrigerator car. Kit comes complete with trucks and couplers.

NOTE: Road names may vary depending on availability.

Some assembly and painting is required.

Operating the Track Star

These cars are designed for ease of use and minimal maintenance. For best results we recommend you run the cleaning car directly behind your locomotive(s).

HOn3 scale Cratex rollers also available separately

Caring for the Cratex Roller

The Cratex roller is designed to be used “dry.” Do not use any chemicals such as mineral spirits, lacquer thinner or Goo Gone on the roller. If the roller comes in contact with these chemicals it may become damaged and have to be replaced.

When the roller becomes soiled, simply wash it in warm soapy water and scrub with a soft toothbrush. Rinse. Allow it to air dry. Do not dry with a hair drier or in the oven, as excess heat could damage the roller.

HOn3 track cleaner in Micro-Trains wood reefer